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BrowseAloud making websites talk!

BrowseAloud adds speech and reading support tools to online content to extend the reach of websites for those who require reading support. This includes those with dyslexia, learning difficulties, mild visual impairments and those with English as a second language. BrowseAloud now offers a choice of products to suit individual needs, with options that include:

  • Zero implementation and zero download
  • Compatibility with all major browsers and devices
  • High quality voices and international languages
  • Reads secure web pages and PDFs
  • Automatic updates and it's free to the end-user!

Further Information

For further information about speech-enabling your website with BrowseAloud select items from the menu, the Support page has links  to Installation Instructions, FAQs, User Guides and Video Tours on the Browsealoud site; or please contact us.

BrowseAloud Plus Released

BrowseAloud Plus extends the reach of BrowseAloud to all major mobile devices.

Whether you are using a Smartphone, Tablet, PC or Mac, BrowseAloud will provide reading support tools to enhance their browsing experience.

BrowseAloud Plus is a 'zero download' solution delivers instant high quality speech to assist those with print disabilities and those with English as a second language, when browsing the web from any device.